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In rural mountainous areas of Nepal such as Rolwaling, many children are sadly deprived of a crucial and empowering education. Ngawang Lapsam Rinpoche (head lama of Rolwaling) was inspired to address this problem by establishing our free school following a special philosophy which aims to provide a quality education covering general academia and life skills alongside a traditional Buddhist education.

Starting with six children and one teacher in 2010, the school now successfully educates twenty children from poor families across the Dolakha district in Nepal at primary school level, as well as providing free accommodation, meals, medical care, clothing and other needs for its students who all live at the school full time.

Many of these children weren't receiving an education prior to enrolling in the school, instead having to work in the fields to help their parents afford their upkeep. The school is government registered so students can continue their education at higher level once they leave our school if they wish.

They are currently managing the running costs using Nepalese Government support, donations from the villagers and some other sponsors. However, these funds are not enough to cover it all, creating a continual struggle to provide free education for the students.

Incredible support from various organisations has allowed the original school building to undergo repairs to fix damage from the 2015 earthquakes and a new hostel and dining hall to be built to house the students and staff who were previously needing to sleep on classroom floors. 

Despite current students all being boys, the school is also open to girls. The school committee is actively encouraging girls to attend but face strong cultural barriers, particularly as the girls will need to live away from home. However, the school remains committed to helping girls receive a free education and the new hostel will help this happen. 

Visit the school's website and learn more about its students.

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